ShopTalk - Springtime


time to tell your friends ...

That we still have shares available for 2017!

We still have shares available, so now is a great time to share the farm with a friend who you think would enjoy being a part of our farm community.

Here's an e-mail you can send them to let them know about the farm and how to join. And we're always happy to answer questions!

Thanks, as always, for all the ways you support your farm! 


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February 2017 - Distribution Month #3

January 2017 - Distribution Month #2

December 2016 - Distribution Month #1



What's happening at the farm

Pic of the Month

Getting the greenhouse going, one flat at a time!

spring volunteer opportunities

We love having volunteers and are grateful for the help! Spring is a busy time and can be a good time to volunteer.

If you meet at the harvest shed, at the barn, at 8 am or 1 pm Monday - Friday, you'll find us and we'll be able to plug you in to a useful volunteer activity. We have volunteer opportunities for all ages and abilities. What we ask of volunteers is that you be up for any type of task within your ability. If you are interested in helping us with a specific project, or on a regular basis, send us an e-mail so we can discuss your interests!