Pick Your Own (PYO)


hours and guidelines

  • You may come to PYO any daylight hours, 7 days a week (not just Farm Shop Hours).
  • Check the PYO board in the Farm Shop for picking conditions, locations, and amounts available per share.
  • Try to avoid rainy days (as water helps spread plant yuk (technical term!!).
  • Boston Shareholders are welcome to come to the farm and PYO anytime (at no charge) - just follow the signs in the Farm Shop.
  • Dogs are allowed on leash on the edges of the PYO fields, but please do not bring them into the rows of crops.
  • Farm Animals: Our pigs and sometimes our calves and chickens are available for visiting. You are encouraged to throw your compost scraps to the pigs. Please visit all farm animals from the human side of the fence!!

New this year - folks with Senior Shares are entitled to use their personal vehicles on farm roads on Sundays (following signs for clues as to traffic flow).  We'd like to keep accidents to a minimum by ensuring that no other personal vehicles are driven around farm roads.  If you do not have a Senior Share, please park in the parking lot and then walk to the fields. 


Current PYO

Conditions and Notes

(updated Saturday November 18, 2017)


Annual Herbs


May be frozen :/


Oregano, Sage Rosemary, Thyme, 

Take what you need.

On Our New Herb Growing Experiment - If you've been a shareholder before this year, you may have noticed that this year we experimented with a new way of growing perennial herbs. Here's what happened. The "perennial garden" by the parking lot had become very grassy and hard to maintain. After researching other farmer's techniques, and with a goal of plentiful herbs for eating and drying, I made a plan to try it behind the barn, as a field crop. This has been a multi-year process. The "perennial garden" had pigs last year, and was kept in flowers and cover crop this year, with the aim of reducing the weed population. Planting a wide range of accessible PYO crops in the raised beds and surrounding area is still an important piece of the vision for this space, one that I overlooked this year and am committed to improving in the future. For the culinary herbs, the plan is currently to try to over-winter the beds behind the barn, and so we will have even earlier access to these nutritive flavors next season. We'd love to hear your feedback on this herb experiment! How has it been for you?











These are shareholders’ photos. If you’d like your snapshots included on this site, use the hashtag #brookfieldfarm or tag us (@brookfieldfarm) on Instagram, and we’ll pick some more to put up periodically! Thanks so much for sharing. We love seeing the farm from your eyes.