What's In your Box!?

Cantaloupes are HERE!!

August 15, 2019 - DiStribution WEek #10

Melon Time!!

Collard Greens: The bunch of big green leaves with white, pink, and or yellow stems at the top of the box.

Tomatoes: In the paper bag near the top of the box - some have yellow shoulders - they are still good & sweet to eat!!

Hot Peppers: In the paper bag with the tomatoes - a mix of flavors and hot-ness - all peppers in paper bag are HOT!

Oregano: The small aromatic bunch of herbs near the top of the box

Batavian Lettuce: A small red or green head of crisp delicious batavian summer lettuce

Sweet Onion - the medium sized yellowish bulb near the middle of the box - these are a sweet “vidalia” type called “Ailsa Craig” - store in refrigerator if you don’t use right away!

Carrots: Fresh dug and delicious.

Cucumber: A few slicing cukes near the bottom of the box!!

Sweet Corn: Picked at peak flavor - white and sweeeeeeet!!!

Cantaloupe: The big tan fruits at the bottom of the box ….…Check out this weeks recipe….