What's In your Box!?

Sweet Potatoes, Escarole, and more!!

October 17, 2019 - DiStribution WEek #19

Fall Classics!

Green Kale: The bunch of dark curly green leaves with light green stems at the top of the box.

Cutting Lettuce: In the plastic bag near the top of the box - fresh cut salad greens - spin them dry now for best preservation

Cutting Celery: The small aromatic bunch of greens near the top of the box. This is an experimental crop for us this season - looks like parsley, tastes like celery - use it for soups, roasts, casseroles - it’s mild and subtle and “celery-sweet” - let us know how you like it!!!

Arugula: The smaller bunch of lighter green leaves near the top of the box

Purpletop Turnips: The purple and white roots near the bottom of the box

Carrots: These are still a bit small but they are getting bigger…and more tasty with every frost

Sweet Potatoes: The orange tubers near the bottom of the box - cured in the greenhouse for two weeks and sweet to eat now!!

Leeks: The white cylindrical stems with angular green leaves

Broccoli: One head or a some “side shoots” - very fresh and very tasty!

Escarole: The big head of leaves near the bottom of the box (looks like lettuce, but it’s NOT!). Don’t be afraid - check out this VERY easy way to make this traditional delicious meal…..- check out our recipe of the week!