Crop Planning Spreadsheets



How do you grow over 50 different crops for 500 shareholders who are coming to your farm to pick up 13lbs of vegetables for 24 weeks?

Sounds like a puzzle?

That's the puzzle we were faced with when we started to manage our CSA and this is the answer we came up with....



Now, this isn't very big news and it also isn't the most sophisticated way to go. You should probably put it all on a database, and get a designer, and add in co-efficients for weather patterns, and make forms for seed ordering, etc etc. In fact, we'd love someone to go ahead and do that and then sell it to all of us for a reasonable price and make it easy to use ...

But until that happens, we're left with our silly little spreadsheets - just made on MS excel - and refined over the years to make sure that our farm runs good. Since we went through all of the trouble to do this for ourselves, and since so many people said they wanted a copy, we decided to go ahead and put it together as a kind of package - explain how to make it work, and charge you a nominal fee so that we could cover the costs of distribution.

So.....How do they work?

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How can I order them?

Send us an e-mail with your name, address, phone number and what version of .xls you use and then send a check for $25 made out to Brookfield Farm to PO Box 227, Amherst, MA 01004. We'll send you a .xls file as an email attachment. The file is approx 1.3 mb.

If you want to order online click below and you can use your credit card, and then we'll send you the file in the same way described above.


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