Where Are they now?



We've had apprentices since 1995. After a year (or two! or three! or four! or five!) of getting to know them, they leave the farm and head on to their next adventure.

Our past apprentices go on to do all kinds of stuff. They are farm managers, scientists, educators, nurses, entrepreneurs, chefs, extension agents, parents, graduate students, explorers and more!

They do so much stuff that we can promise this page will never be totally up to date. But we like to try to keep in touch with them. This is like a virtual refrigerator door where we keep all their pictures. *For apprentices who stayed multiple years, we've listed them under their final year at the farm.

Apprentices: want to edit your bios? E-mail us the updates!



Rebecca "Sunny" Winters, Apprentice 2016-2017


Sunny is working at the Hartsbrook School in the Land Stewardship Program and helping to teach the next generation just what it takes to live on this earth


Rebecca LEung, Apprentice 2016-2017

Rebecca is on the team at Old Friends Farm (run by our past Assistant Manager, Casey Steinberg '02-04





John Dickens, Apprentice 2016

Johnny Perchan is getting ready to save the world from overheating!  Hurry up, we need your help!


Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Leila Tunnell, Apprentice 2014 - 2015

Leila is busy working in many facets of farm education and farm-to-table cooking. Lucky for us, she's still running after school programs, summer programs and other educational workshops at the farm!

And this past season she also began cooking lunch for the crew every day!   She also has a great full-field flick huck. Let's gooooooo!! 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Will Calkins, Apprentice 2015

Will went home to his native Wisconsin after his apprenticeship. We recently got an e-mail confirming that dogs can "catch" yawns just like people can. Now we find out he's starting a farm off the coast of Maine - more news to come soon (we hope!)


Claudia Kelley, Apprentice 2015

Claudia married her sweetheart Pat right after the growing season. They are hiking across Arizona and then up the Pacific Crest Trail for their honeymoon! After that, they planned to return to the Northeast and find land to start a farm. Any sightings?



Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Will van Heuvelen, Apprentice 2013-2014

Will owns and operates Wheelhouse Farm Truck, our local Amherst-area farm-to-street food truck. Former apprentice Jake Mazar is his business partner! They also raise pastured chickens. In his "other other" time, Will works as a paralegal defending tenants rights in Springfield. 


Jake Mazar, Apprentice 2013 - 2014

Jake has started two businesses in recent years, and keeps busy running both of them! Along with Wheelhouse, Jake co-owns Artifact Cider Project, which produces locally made hard apple cider in Springfield. 





Caro Roszell, Apprentice 2013

Caro lives in Wendell and recently began her very own New Wendell Farm !  She also works as a conference and workshop planner and coordinator for NOFA Massachusetts.



Pete Mclean

Assistant Manager 2012, apprentice 2010-11

Pete used to own and operates Book and Plow Farm at Amherst College with another former Brookfield apprentice, Tobin Porter-Brown. Now he operates True North Facilitation where he works to help people find their voice and and connect to their work.  He is based in Amherst and inspires us to continue to find new ways to smile and be of service!


Jasper Gardner, Apprentice 2012

Originally from Georgia, Jasper has farmed many places in the Pioneer Valley.  Jasper now lives in Cummington and we hear the house has walls!!!


Aaron Shier, Apprentice 2012

Aaron now works at the National Farmers Union as a government relations rep. This explains what he's up to, more or less.




Kerry Manire

Assistant Manager 2010-2011, Apprentice 2007-2010.

Kerry runs Provider Farm in a CSA Farm in New Salem, CT. She and her husband and co-farmer Max recently welcomed their first child - Shepard!


Tobin Porter-Brown, Apprentice 2010-2011

Tobin used to owns and manages Book and Plow Farm at Amherst College with former Brookfield apprentice Pete McLean. Now he works at Pete's Greens in Craftsbury, VT


Erin Roche, Apprentice 2011

"Chewy" works for extension at the University of Maine in Orono. We got to see her in December at the New England Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference!




Lisa McKeag, Asst Man. 2010, Appren. 2008 - 2009

Lisa works in extension at UMASS Amherst! She helps write the Veggetable Notes newsletter and specializes in food safety.



We have many many more past apprentices and 5 more past assistant managers! We will keep working on the backlog so that eventually we have photos of everyone. For now, here's the update from the ones we've heard from in the past year.


Adan Martinez Apprentice 2007, Asst. Man 2008-09 (Yale Enviro Grad School)

Danya Teitelbaum Apprentice 2008 (Queens Greens Farm, Hadley MA)

Andy Szymanowicz Apprentice 2007 (selling Sol Food Farm, Ancramdale, NY and beginning a new farm in Spain),

Chris Babis Apprentice 2004-05, Asst. Man 2006-07. (graduated UNMex Water Resource Management after many years running a farm in upstate NY)

Amy Smith Apprentice 2006 (Heart Beet organic, Prince Edward Island) - completed her 7th successful season.

Amy Cloud Apprentice 2001 and 2006 (Three Rivers Farm. Elsah IL) – building a new barn and completed her 9th successful season.

Marc Cesario Apprentice 2002, Livestock Manager 2007 (Meeting Place Pastures, Cornwall, VT) - raises pastured meat and has a two year old!

Jeff Tober Apprentice 2003, Assistant Manager 2005-2006 (Fernbrook Farm, Bordentown, NJ) - finished his 9th successful season.

Casey Steinberg Apprentice 2002 - 2003, Assistant Manager 2004 (Old Friends Farm, Amherst MA) – bought a house, engaged!

Paul Bucciaglia Apprentice 1999 (Fort Hill Farm, New Milford CT) - completed his 13th successful season.

Su Wasseluk Apprentice 2000-2001, The FIRST Assistant Manager 2002 - 2003. (Nurse Practitioner, Cape Cod) – walked Appalachian trail this year!

Jenny Hausman Apprentice 2000 (Piccadilly Farm, Winchester NH)

Kate Rossiter (Northfield, MA)

Don Zasada Apprentice 1996-1997 (Caretaker Farm, Williamstown, MA)