Renewable Energy


PV Systems For The CSA Barn (and More)

We are always looking for ways to use renewable energy where possible on our farm and were early-adopters of on-farm solar energy production.

In 2005 we installed a 3.74 kw solar photovoltaic electrical generating system on the roof of our barn on Hulst Rd, in Amherst. This system has been generating about 35% of the power needs for our farm year round, ever since.

In 2011 we installed an additional 4.98 kwh photovoltaic system bringing our production over 70% of our energy needs.

A big thanks to our installer -Chris Kilfoyle of BVPS - Berkshire Photovoltaic Services - our assistant managers - Jeff Tober (2005) and Kerry Manire (2011) and our board member, Jen Veshia who worked out all of the details to make these projects a reality!

In 2015 Tim and Lise Coppinger re-insulated our walk-in cooler to help further reduce our energy needs.