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This is our final Winter Share month
Thanks so much for your support this season!

(you can still get the newsletter the usual way - just scroll below for our .pdf archive)

february Distribution HourS

Feb 26 - Mar 4 (Mon-Sun) - 8am - 7pm
Mar 12 - 18 (Mon-Sun) - 8am - 7pm


Strong to the finish!

Our root cellar is steady at 39F and 100% humidity.

Potatoes - Sweet & White: The white potatoes are nearly done, but we will have LOTS of delicious sweet potatoes throughout the month.

Carrot: We have a good quantity of crisp delicious orange roots. They may have a little sprout at the top - not to worry.....cut it off - the carrots taste great! 

Beet, Parsnip, Celeriac, RutabagaStorage Radish (Black, Daikon):  All holding well and looking good. The beets are a little small and will run out before the end of the month.

Onions: Quantity and quality look good!

Cabbage: We now have our big green heads, wrapped in newspaper, ready for March eating. These had to be moved to the cellar earlier than hoped (due to the big freeze in early January) and have shown some signs of excess moisture - moldy bits in various spots. We tried to clean them and cull the bad ones. Keep your eyes and out and trim with a little more precision this month - and you should be fine. They are very tasty - whatever is left of them! We will have them for the first distribution this month, and then will subsitute more carrots and sweet potatoes when they run out.


REcipe of The MONTH

What's happening at the farm

Pic of the Month

Zoe Makes a Plan

IT's Time TO Join US FOR 2018

Shares are now available for the regular season

Join now to share the harvest from June to November


On Farm Regular Season Shares

We're glad you've joined us and shared the harvest all winter! We want to make sure to let you know about what happens here the rest of the year, and invite you to join us for the regular season as well!

Throughout the season (June - Nov), your weekly share is made up of the freshest vegetables available from the farm. The variety and amount in the share depend on the season and the weather.

Your share will include between 6 and 22 lbs. (14 lbs. avg.) of produce each week from the first week of June 'til Thanksgiving.

The majority of your share is freshly harvested by our crew. When you pick up your share at the Farm Shop, you'll see bins of vegetables laid out. For the most part, your share will be "mix and match," so you can choose what is in your share.

The remaining 10% of your share is Pick Your Own. The PYO portion of your share will also be listed, by volume, on a chalkboard in the farm shop. There will be a map to make sure you can find the crops in the fields behind the barn, and a helpful apprentice to answer any questions. PYO crops include berries, peas, beans, herbs, cherry tomatoes, flowers and more.

We think this will be sufficient produce for 2 adults (non-vegetarian) or 1 adult (vegetarian).

The Farm Shop

Local shareholders come to the farm for pick-up. We set the share up "market-style," in order to offer shareholders a great deal of choice. We also sell staple foods and treats from other local producers.

Tuesday & Thursday 2pm - 7pm
Saturday 8am - 1pm

The Farm Shop is open three days per week. Each week (our week starts on Saturday), you can choose to come on whichever day is most convenient for you. You can Pick Your Own any time it's light outside!


For those who's needs have changed, but
want to stay connected to the farm

Same great food. Easier Access. Appropriate quantities.