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October 13, 2018 - Distribution week #19

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Pic of the week

Becca and Mason show off their muddy toes on a mud-slog-sweet-potato-harvest-Friday

What's happening at the farm

what's new this week

Golden October

Escarole:  Early fall brings us this tangy bitter green that at first glance might seem a bit difficult to handle. When you cook this delectable green with the right bean it turns sweet and amazingly satisfying all the way around (check the recipe below for the real deal). We have an good crop this year - available 'til mid-November. Check out my mother-in-law's recipe

Sweet Potatoes: After curing in the greenhouse for two weeks, the starches have turned to sugars and these beauties are ready to eat!  Try them baked, in a soup or make a pie (see our website). They will store well in a paper bag in a cool part of your kitchen. We have a huge crop this year - enough to last through Thanksgiving and then into the Winter Share!

Golden Beets: A great variation on a tradional theme. The orangy roots are sweet and can be used like their purple cousins.  We will only have this crop for one week.

Black Radish: A new twist on a familiar taste. Black-skinned, round roots, with crisp, white, hot flesh. Enjoy the way it looks and then use like any radish - delicious fresh or pickled. check out this recipe!


Bulk ProducE

Potatoes (Red, White, Sweet): $1 / lb
Delicata Squash: $1 / lb
Hot Peppers: $3 / lb
Eggplant: $2 / lb
Celery: $2 ea.

to purchase bulk produce:

in the farm shop:
just come on in and see the farm shopkeeper

in the Boston area:
 visit Bulk Produce Shop on our website:


what's on the way

Pie Pumpkins

Time To Renew Your SHARE

Please help us plan for next season and renew your share by Oct 31!!

You can renew through our website - or pick up a form at the farm shop.  Look for a separate renewal email with more info for how to secure your share for 2018!


Special Events

New Fall Farm Shop Hours

Beginning Tuesday, October 2nd

Tuesday & Thursday 1:30 -6:30pm

Saturday (stays the same) 8am -1pm


Harvest Dinner & Annual Meeting!

Saturday November 10, 5:30-8pm
South Amherst Congregational Church

  • Potluck Farm Dinner 

  • Farm Season Retrospective Slideshow 

  • News from the Trust

  • Community Celebration...

Celebrate our farm, food, and community!


Winter Shares Now Available

for more of the same delicious, nutritious, homegrown, naturally grown vegetables straight from our farm to you - ALL WINTER LONG!

Pick up the signup sheet at the Farm Shop or join through our website or contact us if you need more information. We hope you join us for a great winter!

 SPECIAL THANKS  to Rosie Dinsmore  For designing & painting our new bathroom mural!!

SPECIAL THANKS to Rosie Dinsmore For designing & painting our new bathroom mural!!