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16 acres brought into the care of Brookfield Farm

On Thursday, May 9 our board president, Peter Littell put his signature to the closing documents of what we are all hoping will be a sweet new chapter in the unfolding book of what we call Brookfield Farm.  This chapter started nearly 10 months ago, when our neighbor, Ed Land, dropped by to see if we were interested in purchasing a beautiful 16-acre piece of land very close to the farm. In fact, this is the closest active agricultural land to our farm (see below) and it was already preserved in the by the State’s Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) program. We were interested as a way of securing our farm’s future and of continuing to fulfill our mission to encourage and develop sustainable agriculture.

After months of paperwork, application for state waivers, bank loan meetings, and lots of work by many board members, we were finally able to seal the deal. We now turn to the exciting work of “bringing this land into our farm” –  So, what does that mean?  Well, first of all, we look forward to sharing just that with you over the coming months and years. But, in a (more general) nutshell, we will begin by building a healthy soil – using cover crops and compost – and then move towards growing crops in a way that leaves that soil in better condition year after year. This is what we mean by sustainable, regenerative, and biodynamic agriculture – creating a system that improves the resources it depends on, while producing nutritious food for a supporting community.

We are thrilled that we have the opportunity to continue to expand the reach of the most meaningful work we do here at Brookfield Farm – building our farm for the future. This is the first piece of land our Trust has bought since 1993.  We aim to nourish an enduring and healthy connection between humans and nature through agriculture on every acre that we steward (whether we own it or lease it). We look forward to sharing this ongoing project with you over many years to come.