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September 14, 2019 - Distribution Week #15

Farm Shop Hours:
Saturday 8am - 1pm, Tuesday 2pm - 7pm, Thursday 2pm - 7pm

Boston Distribution Hours: 
Thursday 3-8 (Newton begins at 3:30pm)

PiC of the WEEK

Will, Ellen, Karen, and Marlee get the second round of squash started!

What's happening at the farm

what's new this week

Time For Squash!

Acorn Squash: We distribute squash in the reverse order in which they keep (in other words, the squashes that don't store as well, we will distribute first). This week we've got acorn for you and then comes delicata, pie pumpkin, buttercup, red kabocha, carnival, and finally, butternut into the winter. We should have some type of squash through Thanksgiving.

Cutting Lettuce: A mix of red & green leaf lettuces cut when they are "adolescent" and sweet and delicious. We don't spin them dry, so if you want them to last more than a few days, put them through your salad spinner before storing in the fridge. We've got a big crop for a few weeks ahead

Celery: Our celery is smaller, more flavorful, and a bit tougher than what you will find in the store. We grow it because it's salty, crunchy, and flavorful. This is not for juicing, but it makes your soups delicious. To use, cut off tops (use later for soup stock) and pull off stalks. It will store well in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. We have a good crop this year.

Chinese Cabbage: The fall crop has come in BIG! These are crunchy, mild, and great for fresh eating or pickling (kim-chi!!!). Don't be afraid - cut it in half, use it a little at a time. Delicious.


Bulk ProducE

Green Kale, Toscano Kale: $2 / Lb.

Eggplant: $2 / lb

Red Potatoes, Acorn Squash: $1 / lb

Chinese Cabbage: $3 / pc

to purchase bulk produce:

in the farm shop:
just come on in and see the farm shopkeeper

in the Boston area:
click here


what's on the way

White Potatoes
Watermelon Radish


Pick Your Own

Paste Tomatoes

Check here for updated picking info


Special Events


Winter Shares Now Available

Join us this winter for more of the same delicious, nutritious, homegrown, naturally grown vegetables straight from our farm to you - ALL WINTER LONG!

Purchase a share at the Farm Shop, join online, or check your email (we will send one on Monday) for information and how to join us!



When Does Regular Distribution End?
We should have beautiful crops
and continue the same schedule
thru Thanksgiving

When Can I Purchase a Winter Share?
Right Now!!
We will begin priority share sales on Sept 15.

When Can I Renew My Regular Share?
At the end of September!
Look for more info soon right here

When Will Brookfield Farm Beef & Pork be Available?
Our Pork Sale is planned for Saturday November 10.

All of our beef has been sold for the season.