Radicchio, Cucumber and Corn Salad

While we do not use plastic to get a super early corn harvest, you will start to see corn available at other local farms (check out Southeast Street or Bay Road). We do have an abundance of radicchio and cucumber now and the corn does help to offset the slightly bitter taste of radicchio.


1/2 cucumber, sliced thin into half moon shape 

2-3 ears of corn - kernels cut off 

1 small head of radicchio, chopped

1 T olive oil

2 T grated parmesan

1 tsp honey or sugar

2 T cider, balsalmic or red wine vinegar

salt and pepper to taste


Mix olive oil, vinegar, sweetener, parmesan, salt and pepper. Place veggies in bowl. Mix altogether. Great served immediately or chilled and served later, even for lunch the next day!


Radicchio, Goat Cheese, and Nut Salad


1 head radicchio, torn

1/8 cup olive oil

1 1/2 T cider or red wine vinegar

3/4 tsp sugar or honey

salt and pepper to taste

1/2 cup (2 ounces) goat cheese (plain or flavored both work great - pepper goat cheese is one of my favorites to add to salads)

1/4 cup walnuts, pecans or almonds (toasted and coarsely chopped)


Mix olive oil, vinegar, and sweetener. Place radicchio in a bowl and mix with dressing. Crumble goat cheese and sprinkle on top with the nuts. Toss lightly. May serve immediately or refrigerate for serving later in the day, I reserve the goat cheese and nuts and add them just before serving.