Edamame (Glycine max ) is a member of the Fabaceae family, or legumes! They make a great and nutritious snack or side dish.

Edamame is immature soybeans that are cooked in their pod. In China, their common name translates to “fur peas” for the hairy pods.

Their name in Japanese translates to “stem peas” because they are harvested right on the stem! In fact, here at Brookfield, we recommend shareholders to pull up an entire edamame plant and take it home before removing the pods and cooking them.

Cooking Tips:

  • Boil, steam, or microwave the pods and add salt to the boiling water. Or, salt the finished pods!

Storage Tips:

  • Although they are best eaten fresh, edamame can be stored for a few days in the refrigerator in a plastic bag to maintain humidity. If pods turn brown, they are no good.

  • You can also blanch and freeze edamame for eating later in the year.